Like any good horror movie, the bad guy always manages to return, and so in Saw4 we see the return of the fiendishly clever serial killer Jigsaw (played by Tobin Bell).

Saw4 also reunites many characters from the previous three Saw films, each once ending up in dangerous situations all over again. Their number includes Sgt. Rigg (Lyriq Bent) from Saw2, who must recreate Jigsaw's steps so he can rescue Detective Matthews (played by Donnie Walhberg), who was abducted at the end of Saw2, and Forensic Hoffman ( from Saw3), from another elaborate murderous device.

All the while FBI agents attempt to track Sgt. Rigg as he carries out Jigsaw's twisted idea of justice from his deathly hallows. If you love fiendish puzzles mixed in with goty terror - you must have Saw4 on DVD!



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